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Flower Confetti

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FLOWER confetti

Premium Quality - Est 2020 - Netherlands

Traditionally made | Hand picked | Zero waste

Han and Saskia have according to their own recipe created a INSANE premium colourfull FLOWER confetti. With premium quality products from our own farm, viola, calendula, tagetes and cornflowers with a taste- and colour explosion. The flowers are hand picked and hand dried, to preserve the maximum quality and structure.  

Nature Calls | You see what you get | You get what you want

FLOWER confetti is fantastic to use as finishing touch tih all kind of dishes. vegetable risotto, salads, eggs, vinaigrette, goatcheese. A premium quality product with beautifull colours of dried flowers.

FLOWER confetti is created by PUURgroenten

inhoud 100 ml = 4 GRAM


Flower confetti is a joy and gives a color explosion!

Access culinary sophistication and explore a new world of color and originality. It can be used to add a splash of color to a dressing of a plate or to add a floral touch to a salad, poultry or sauce.

It will bring a touch of freshness, a touch of bitterness and fruity notes to a vegetable-based preparation: a vegetable risotto, a green salad with seeds, omelette, vegetable soup.

You can also combine it with a mesclun salad, vinaigrette or fresh goat cheese salads. Be careful, it does not tolerate cooking.

Kichengarden Amsterdam is a premium brand by PUURgroenten

Ingredients: violas, cornflowers, calendula, tagetes and various flowers.

content: 100 ml = 4 gram

Shelf life FLOWER confetti: 1 year, store dark and dry.


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