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Welcome to PUURgroenten Delights - Your one-stop destination for a delightful culinary experience!

Explore our extensive range of high-quality products, including edible flowers, mini vegetables, sea greens, herbs, fresh teas, candied treats, and chef's special boxes.

Embrace the power of fresh and pure ingredients, elevate your dishes, and savor the magic of natural flavors.

PUURgroenten Delights is your gateway to a world of gastronomic wonders!


  • Edible Flowers

    Edible flowers you buy at PUURgroenten. The specialist in edible flowers

    Spice up your dishes with these gorgeous edible flowers!

    For example, in a salad, soup or as a decoration on a cake. 

    The flowers already have a WOW effect, but also 

    the leaves are beautiful to use. 

  • Micro vegetables

    Delicious flavours for in any dishes. 

    A smoothie of avocado with Mini paksoy, A carrot cake with micro carrots on top,

    A salade with mini turnips or just with a delicious meat/fish dishes. 

    The possibilities are magnificent with micro vegetables. 

  • Salty vegetables

    Salty vegetables by PUURgroenten are grown on seawater bassins. The salty flavour yuo taste in all the vegetables. Salty vegetables are a addition to dishes with fisch, shellfish and  seaweeds.

  • Herbs

    Herbs are a tasteful addition to your dishes. 

    Red sorrel gives it a delicious sour and refreshing taste. 

    For example, the young leaves can be used in a salad. 

  • Fresh tea

    A nice cup of tea, fast and easy.

    The only ingredients you need is, water and 3/4 mint twigs.

    Put the mint twigs in a glass and pour the water over them.

    Let it pull.. and the tea is ready!

  • Crystalized Violas

    Experience culinary perfection with PUURgroenten's "Crystalized Violas."

    These ethereal, edible flowers are grown sustainably, crystallized to preserve their beauty. Elevate your dishes, cocktails, and desserts with their vibrant colors and delightful taste.

    Unleash your creativity and enchant your guests with this unique touch of elegance.

  • Chef's special boxen

    Let us suprise you with the seasonal boxes from the chef's! 

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